What Kind Of Car Insurance Do I Need For A Rental Car?

The time to decide what kind of car insurance you need on a rental car is not while you are standing at the rental counter. 

Traveling can be stressful and expensive. When you need to rent a car while traveling, the car rental agents will give you many suggestions on what insurance they recommend

So often this is to benefit the rental agency, not you. Their goal is to separate you from as much money as possible.

An independent insurance agent, like Jonathon Crunelle, is here to help you understand what coverage you need and what you may already have.

The first question to answer is what kind of car insurance do you carry on your own vehicles. Some policies have rental car insurance included. 

  • Start with your own car insurance. If you have full coverage on your car, chances are good you would also have full coverage (Full coverage is a liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage ) on a rental vehicle. If you only carry liability coverage on your vehicle then you would only have that coverage on a rental. Your agent should be able to help you with the specifics of your policy.
  • If you made your reservation and paid for your rental car reservation with a major credit card then you should have coverage for damages or theft of the rental car. There are many specifics so you need to check with the credit card company you have. 
  • The homeowner’s or renters’ insurance you carry at home will likely cover your possessions. Check out any limitations when considering electronics. You will be responsible for any deductible.
  • Health insurance coverage often works when you are traveling. Any deductibles will still be enforced.
  • Travel insurance, if purchased, should cover both personal effects and personal accident coverage.       

Here is a list of the options offered at the insurance counter

Liability coverage. This is the coverage that covers any damage you might do to other vehicles, personal property, or other people in the case of an accident in the rental vehicle. This coverage is required by law in the state of Ohio. This coverage does not cover the rental car, any passengers, or you if you are injured. 

Collision damage waiver or loss damage waiver. This coverage will cover any damage you might do to the rental car. There are some parts that might not be covered like tires. 

Personal accident insurance covers medical costs for anyone in your car that receives injuries. 

Personal Effects coverage covers as it states the personal effects of passengers. Personal Effects Coverage is often combined with Personal Accident insurance.

So we now have a better understanding of the coverages offered by car rental companies. We can look at our coverage and fill in any sources of loss that may not be covered.

You may already have the coverage you need. The rental agents may tell you you need it all but if you go in with a full understanding of what your coverage needs are you may be able to save a lot of money.

Other things to consider:

Are you renting a car for business travel? The business coverage should be used.

Are you renting a car in another country? Most of the preceding advice is for car rental in the United States and Canada.   

Like so many other aspects of traveling, doing your research is the best way to assure your vacation will be enjoyable without any unnecessary losses. Understanding what you need before hitting the rental counter is the best way to protect yourself without any unnecessary double coverage. 

The value of having an independent insurance agent like Jonathan is shown in situations like this. You can quickly get your answers with a text, phone call or email. Do not hesitate to reach out. Your agent does have your best interest at heart. 

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