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One of the greatest things about central Ohio is that many people grow up elsewhere and reunite once they end up setting up their lives here.  Often people meet up again with people from their original Ohio town. That’s how the Bishops from My Vet Animal Hospital met the Crunelle’s.  

Dr. Dan Bishop grew up in the same part of Ohio as Amie Crunelle.  Growing up in eastern Ohio, Dr. Dan was active in 4-H and even became a 4-H camp counselor in his teen years.  He and Amie spent summers coaching kids with learning games, songs, s’more making and even line dancing!  

Years later, college took them each to Ohio State separately for their studies.  Dan’s love for animals and science led him down the path of veterinary medicine at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Here he met his wife, also a former 4-H kid from Perrysburg, Ohio in the northwest corner of the state. The Bishops ended up setting up their careers and families in Columbus, similar to the Crunelle’s.

When the Bishops met the Crunelle’s years later through a mutual friend, Amie and Dan couldn’t help but reminisce of their 4-H years and their childhood in the valley of eastern Ohio.  Though their roots are in a different part of the state, now they are Columbus dwelling, Buckeye loving central Ohioans.

The Bishops are happy to be practicing medicine and raising their family the central Ohio Lewis Center/Westerville community.  Both Dr. Dan and Dr. Jill love to get to know all of the families of their furry patients. Making new friendships within the community, and reuniting with old friends like with the Crunelle’s, is part of what it means to be an Ohioan. 

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