Insurance Changes When Sending Your Child to College

As your family grows and evolves, your insurance needs change. One of the big changes occurs when your child goes off to college. Do you still need to cover them? What about their stuff? These are all questions you need to answer before move-in day.

Life insurance is something that can grow with your child throughout their life. 

All students need some kind of insurance coverage while they are at school. Any life insurance you have purchased for your child should be continued. Life insurance is something that can grow with the child throughout his or her life. 

Renters insurance is important with the expensive electronics most students have. 

It is important to find out what, if anything, is covered by the college. Get your specifics and discuss these concerns with your insurance agent. Oftentimes there is a percentage of your homeowners policy that can cover your at school student. If there are expensive items such as jewelry or electronics, these may require special coverage. A good question for your agent. 

If your student is living in off campus housing it is strongly recommended that they get a renters policy. Oftentimes the parents homeowners policy is not enough for good coverage. Try to keep an inventory with photos and any receipts of more valuable items. This will make the claims process much easier.

Do I need to continue car insurance on my child once they go to college?

Will your student be taking a car with them? If they will be leaving your area the insurance coverage you used for the at home student may change.

Sometimes freshmen are not allowed vehicles with them. Do you need to continue any car insurance on a student that will be gone until Christmas break? Oftentimes. a student that attends college full time, even out of state, can still retain their coverage on the parents policy as long as the student’s permanent address remains the parents. 

This is such an exciting time in your family’s life. The culmination of so much hard work on the entire family’s part. 

The to-do lists are long, so having an independent insurance agent like Crunelle can answer all your questions and get you the coverage you need for this very exciting time. 

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